Why Go For Annoying Wired Doorbells?

Are you tired of sitting near your doorbell just because you can’t hear it from a distance and make people stand at your door for a long time? We all know it is irritating and annoying. How about this, you make your husband stand outside for half an hour and suddenly you realize someone is at door, you open the door and he comes barging inside the home when you have waited for such a long to greet him.

Why this does happen to me is your next question? Actually, it’s not your fault; it’s your doorbell which is responsible for this. Sounds funny? Well it’s not, it’s the reality.

Why are you blaming my doorbell? Well actually, you are not the one who has gone deaf, it’s your doorbell which rings humbly and takes care you are not disturbed.

Ok, if you are ready to get disturbed then wireless doorbell is the solution. Wireless doorbells provide you the comfort of placing your doorbell anywhere near you so it becomes easy to hear someone at the door.

It’s easy to install and operate; you can place it anywhere convenient to you.


How can wireless doorbell make your life easy?

  • Range: The distance between the doorbell button and the doorbell chime. Though you have a freedom to take the device anywhere, but we need to make sure that the device piece is in range, otherwise, you may miss the call of a person standing outside your door.
  • Volume options: This makes the life easy. The doorbell must have a volume button to increase or decrease volume as and when required.
  • Visual alert indicator: Having an indicator helps in identifying the door ring even if the volume doesn’t work. Though they should run parallel to the needs, indicator ease the option and proves well.

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