Vaping or Smoking: Which is better for you?

While we think that we are going ahead with our lives, it is true that things are being invented that are not so good for our health. A different or new way of smoking has been invented,i.e., the e-cigaret land which claims to be less harmful. In this article, we will compare them both by certain objectives.

  • Chemical Level: Everything has a certain limit of chemical content in it,but the high or low amount determines how bad it is for your health.

Vaping: Although it is true that the process of vaping removes many chemicals altogether they still include some,and they are Nicotine, Vegetable Glycerol, and Nitrosamines2,etc. This includes alesser count of Carcinogens. The flavors are generally food related and are safe to be consumed.

e-cigaret land

Smoking: When the smoking content is compared to the e-væske content the number of harmful chemicals present in smoke is immensely higher. They constitute the cause of cancer since the chemicals mostly contain carcinogens and cyanides.

  • Safety Issues: This is a second criterion that is to be kept in mind when one is trying to choose between smoking and an e-cigarettersince the safety measure speak a lot about them as well:

Vaping: The level of health issues caused by vaping is much lower when compared to smoking,but it might have some other problems. One can face an issue related to the explosion of the batteries for the e-cigarettes which are highly dangerous.

Smoking: For smoking, the risk towards someone’s health is way higher,but the risk of burning down something is serious too. While one might have a smoke and throw the leftover away, it might cause a fire too.

These are just two of the major objectives by which one can decide which one is less harmful. Since there is not so much in common for both one must remember they both are equally harmful to your health and thus select carefully.