The Safety around Penis Enlargement Methods like Penis Enlargement Bible

There is an exuberance of penis enlargement methods these days, both online and off it. Just visit your local medicine store. You will find at least a dozen different brands of penis enlargers, all of which claim to be 90% or even 100% efficient. One such thing you can use as a reference is the penis enlargement bible. However, there are some things to know about such enlargement techniques.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Pumps

It focuses on increasing the flow of blood in your body towards the area of your penis. As such, the effect is temporary. As such, it is not effective, compared to other methods. As far as safety is concerned, it involves risks like damage to capillaries, blood vessels and other sensitive parts of your crotch. Not really, something that many people will recommend to you.

PE Bible

  • Pills/Supplements

Unlike pumps and other devices, these are chemical in nature. As a result, their effect is much more prominent, making your erections harder and thicker. They do produce some of the finest results you can want. They are usually safe, assuming you are not overdosing on them. However, that is something that you can say about most things, even the PE Bible and its different shenanigans.

  • Surgery

It is obvious that the effect of this method is permanent, even if it does take time to change. The healing process does take some amount of time, but the result it satisfactory. Risks involved in this process include permanent scars, bad infections, uncared for wounds etc. Overall, it is a process that most people avoid because of the implications it can have.

If you want to make a purchase, do consider reading a PE Bible. It is a product that has been on the blocks for quite some time now. There have been quite a number of good reviews about it, so do give it a shot.