The Do’s And Don’ts of a Healthy Lifestyle

Sitting in front of your office laptop, or while engrossed in a book, we never give second thoughts on the food we munch. Not often, do we? Whether it’s from a packet of chips, an apple or a slice of pizza, the task at hand is what we see. Alas! Not the food in hand. That’s our everyday story.

Cons of improper eating habits

These habits result in various adverse consequences. Gaining useless weight is one of the main causes. We barely engage ourselves in a fixed routine that leads to our body’s workout. We may depend more on elevators than stairs. We may prefer coffee to something healthier viz. green tea. We may rush out skipping our breakfast or gulping down a piece of sandwich. All this is nothing but an incentive to put on.

So when you cringe at your cellulite or your excess belly pooch or the simple observation of your out of shape body, rethink! Start planning.

Do’s and Don’ts- points to be noted

  • Stop munching on anything
  • Keep junk food out of reach.
  • Try avoiding oily and spicy diet.
  • Know your present body weight and compare it with your height.
  • Look for a gym or a fitness centre. Emagrecendo is one of them.
  • Follow a strict diet plan. Never skip any meal.
  • Be careful in nutrient intake. Keep in mind while having carbs, proteins etc.
  • Fruits are always a healthy add-on.
  • Stop believing in the fact that quitting food will be the easiest
  • Depend on detox plans, low carb diets and intermittent fasting ritual.
  • is one of the many sites you may refer for details.
  • Last but not least, do not give up!

As a beginner, these steps will be challenging. On bad days, your conscience might even voice you to take a break. However, determination and commitment are the tools for a big change. Thus, better sweat than give up if you want to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.