All You Need To Know About Electronic Shisha And Why It Was Invented.

If you are currently looking for a safe alternative to your smoking habits then trying a shisha pen is something that you should definitely consider.

electronic shisha

What is a shisha pen?

A shisha pen offers you the same experience as you get while smoking the traditional hookah but there is one chief difference. Shisha pens do not cause you to give out the harmful smoke that you inevitably associate with a traditional hookah.

A shisha pen, in fact, looks quite like a small cigarette. It is basically a water pipe that allows you to smoke by vaporising the shisha flavoured liquid that it contains. Apart from the possible prevention of the health hazards, another benefit of shisha pens is that they are portable. They can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime on the go.

The whole traditional hookah setup is a big one and portability is a big concern owing to its size and bulky weight.

The advent of the shisha pens

Smoking hookah is a traditional custom of sorts. It has been prevalent since centuries and done by kings, noblemen and commoners alike. With the advancement of science and technology and a growing consciousness about one’s own health, people slowly became more and more sceptical about the harmful effects of smoking hooking.

This created a need for the invention of a much safer alternative to smoking, which ultimately resulted in the development of the hookah pen or electronic shisha.

You can consider the development of electronic hookahs as a continuation and improvisation of the electronic cigarette by Hon Lik. As is understandable, the electronic cigarette was first launched in the Chinese markets and then slowly spread worldwide. Electronic hookah pens is another measure taken for providing a safe, nicotine free portable smoking experience to the ordinary person at an affordable cost.