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Why Prioritize Foundation Repair Over Basement Waterproofing

Water is the main culprit for basement of your building, whether it is home or office. As a building owner, you suffer more due to water related problems that not only cause damage to your property but also to your belongings. The risk of water damage is extremely high in the low-lying area because water has characteristic to flows in downward direction. Basement is part of your home which is either partially or completely below the ground level. In case there is landscape flooding due to heavy rains, water will directly enter into the basement. This problem is common in New Jersey state but basement waterproofing company NJ can offer the best solution to this problem so that you can save plenty of dollars on repair of damages.

When to schedule basement waterproofing

Some water related problems may not be visible in the first instance but their symptoms starts appearing. For instance, you may notice white powdery substance, mineral deposits on pipes, rusty iron fixtures, some water traces on the basement floor, or simply musty smell due to humid atmosphere in the interior of basement. This is the time to take precaution because these symptoms depict that some water has already entered into the basement or may be affecting the building foundation. This is the time to consult basement waterproofing contractors NJ to strengthen your basement structure by waterproofing. Their experts will diagnose the issue and will try to fix before the problem aggravates.

When to schedule foundation repair

When you find water collection on the surface covering edges of the basement, there may be a probability that building foundation is in danger due to seepage of water in the foundation structure. This is the time to foundation repair contractors NJ to fix this issue first because negligence or delay in resolution to this problem may because of damage to your building. Thus, foundation repair should be given priority over waterproofing.